The Grocery Store Business

Going grocery shopping is not one of my favorite things to do.  I always forget my coupons, I can’t find what I’m looking for and more than likely one of my two children will snub their noses at the selections in my cart.  Yet the  grocery store has played an important part in my family’s history.  At a young age I remember my grandfather telling me the story about how he came to be in the grocery store business.  According to grandpa, his family was able to survive the great depression better than most in Chicago, because his family was in the grocery store business.  “And people always have to eat.  People can go without new clothes or new shoes, but people always need groceries”.  –Bud Reilly

So how was grandpa’s family involved in the grocery business?  Turns out that his uncle, Daniel Reilly, listed his occupation in the 1910 and 1920 census as “Grocery Store Clerk”  Was this the same store that Grandpa at one time owned?  Further research into Daniel Reilly and his neighborhood is needed.

Recently we discovered the following picture of my grandfather.  It’s possible this is the store he at one time owned.  A better scan of the picture will be forthcoming, as well as the name of the store and the other two people photographed with my grandpa.  But until then, enjoy!  (And don’t forget to pick up the milk on your way home!)

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  1. How funny! My great grandfather was also a grocer in Chicago during the Depression (different family, though), and my grandmother also talked about how they were somewhat less affected than many other families because of his line of work. I guess there is something to it!

  2. Michelle, if you can take this photo out of the frame and scan it (out of the frame) and send it to me, I can improve the image greatly in Photoshop for you. If you don’t have a scanner, but have a good camera on your phone and can take a photo of the entire image (out of the frame–hold very still–) that would be good, too. I’ll play with it in Photoshop and send it back.

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