Surname Saturday

As part of my new blog, I will be trying to following the daily blogging theme posted by Geneabloggers in order to help me publish some of the great genealogy finds I have come across. Today is Surname Saturday so I will begin my blog with my current research interest the CYGAN family.

My maternal grandmother Clara CYGAN was born on October 31, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois.  She was the third child of Nicholas (Mikolag) and Mary Yockem Cygan.

What is interesting about this birth certificate is that it is a delayed birth certificate.  Her mother completed the birth certificate on September 29, 1926 when Clara would have been nine years old.  At the time of Clara’s birth the family was living at 2017 W. 17th street and at the time of the birth certificate the family was living at 4538 S. California.   You may also notice that there is some discrepancy of how many children Clara’s mother has had.  She lists herself as the mother of 4 children with 1 being listed as born alive but now dead.   Another research mystery to solve.

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