Frank Cygan

I am lucky enough to have a polish obituary for my great grandfather Mikolaj Cygan.  He died in December of 1939 and the obituary lists a sibling Frank Cygan and sister-in-law Maryanna Cygan.  I’ve had this obituary for a few years but was never able to positively identify which of the many Frank Cygan’s of Chicago was my great, great uncle.  However, last week, I discovered that on the Cook County Naturalization website, you can search the declarations  by address only.  So I searched for the same address of Mikolaj’s entry and there he was…Mr. Frank Cygan, occupation Tailor.  Shortly after he declared his intention to become a U.S. cititzen, he married Maryanna Ludwin Kozlik.  Here they are in the 1920 census:

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